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SMBME 96 – What you NEED to know in 2019 – crypto, privacy, and podcasts

New year… new things you and your business need to know about! I took three of the topics I got the most questions about in 2018 and I want us to tackle them together!

The lineup is top notch!

First, we hear a lot about bitcoin and CRYPTOCURRENCY. What is it? What do we need to know about it? We are psyched to have one of our favorite guests, Chris Brogan, to come up to walk us through what we need to know about cryptocurrency.

Next, I think the #1 topic in digital marketing last year was PRIVACY! Trevor Hughes from the International Association of Privacy Professionals knows WAY more than I do about privacy. He will catch us up on what we need to consider morally and legally.

Lastly, the belle of the ball in marketing has been podcasting for a while now. Should you have a podcast? What do you need? How will you market it? How much time does it really take? Tanner Campbell from the Portland Pod will join us to answer all of your burning podcasting questions. If you have specific questions for Tanner, you can tell him what those are here: https://portlandpod.typeform.com/to/jiS2k6.

What: SMBME 96 – What you NEED to know in 2019 – crypto, privacy, and podcasts

When: January 18th, 7:30-10:00 AM

Where: Rising Tide – 103 Fox Street, Portland

How: We would never, ever, ever be able to do this without our sponsors: PretiFlaherty, Noyes Hall and Allen, flyte new media, Portland Press Herald, Maine Public Relations Council, Gorham Savings Bank, and Vreeland Marketing and Design.


  • 7:30 am – Doors open, breakfast served.
  • 8:00 am – Welcome and presentations.
  • 10:00 am – Event ends and everyone is off to work to immediately implement what they learned during the event 😉


There is plenty of parking available at Rising Tide, on Fox Street, Diamond Street, and the Marginal Way park and ride.

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