SMBME #44- Making It Big Time

The invigorating presentations from this month’s breakfast taught us about the importance of keeping in touch with your customers and how important it is to stay true to meaningful objectives in any marketing campaign. This month we had the pleasure of getting to know Jamie Tardy as she took us inside the world of what millionaires are doing to make their business grow. Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe (you may know them as the Coke and Mentos guys) let us in on the secrets of making a viral video successful.

We began by learning about the importance of utilizing the foundations in the internet and social media in last month’s discussion. In this month’s discussion, we gave productive attention to all the content created and concentrated on how it can be used to our advantage. Jaime Tardy began the session by giving us an inside scoop of what it takes to get some exciting press for your business. Jamie from Eventual Millionaire, a true inspiration to entrepreneurs and bloggers, doesn’t only value content, but who the content attracts and why. During her empowering presentation she identified where to put your press and how to spread the word about your business. Her expertise on how and to who to expose your quality content was enlightening and informative to all of us who are looking to get their content to the next level.

Jamie’s presentation was followed by the mad scientists, Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe who shared with us some of their favorite videos that utilize their principles when it comes to “Making it Big Time”. They explained the different levels and dimensions of making a viral video and what makes a viral video effective for small businesses. One of the most memorable points was “to be yourself”. Stephen and Fritz explained that what makes a great viral video is staying true to what and who your company is, not to try too hard to make something funny or get too complicated with the ideas of what could be funny. It’s all about being sincere!

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