SMBME #43 – Email Marketing & Social Media

For this month’s breakfast we continued to focus on the importance of the foundations of internet and social media with Corissa St. Laurent from Constant Contact and Don Kleiner from Maine Outdoors. Both speakers’ invigorating presentations set the perfect stage for us to understand how and why setting up, building and keeping in touch with this powerful list of contacts can ignite your social media campaigns.

Corissa St. Laurent of Constant Contact talked about some of the ways that small businesses can take advantage and become more familiar with online marketing strategies and how to utilize email and social media for your growing business. She highlighted the importance of finding new customers and, more importantly, engaging existing customers so that word of mouth is easily delivered.

Corissa introduced a different way to look at the simple framework of marketing. She discussed setting goals or meaningful objectives and distributing your campaign to significant channels that result in measurable results. In conclusion, her practical advice for all those who are utilizing email and social media is to be precise in your campaign by sharing value that engages, entertains, and empowers your audience.

Don Kleiner also spoke about the importance of how email changed his business and revolutionized how he communicates with his customers. Don explained that even though he spends all of his time in the back woods of Maine, he not only finds value but makes time to blog in order to keep his customers engaged. Just like Corrissa, Don from Maine Outdoors creates a channel that results in measurable results without spending most of his time in front of the computer. He utilized the resources he had and expanded to fit his busy schedule as a business owner. If he can do it, we all can!

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