Find Out Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Twitter

I have been talking so much about newsfeed algorithms lately. Facebook’s has definitely thrown its fair share of complications. But… I understand it. More and more people are on Facebook and they are liking more pages. That means lots more competition.

Twitter on the other hand, is straight up based on post time. No filters. No algorithm. But is that better? By missing nothing, are you actually missing more? The most important tweets could be getting buried in tweets about people’s lunches, horoscopes or in automatic spam posts.

Twitter is only as valuable as the people you follow. I would recommend regularly taking time to maintain your feed, by maintaining your followers. If someone is posting too much or you don’t like their posts – unfollow them.

Another tip for cleaning up your Twitter feed is to do a scan to see who isn’t following you back. Are they worth following if they don’t feel the same about you? Sometimes yes, but sometimes no.

I like to use Friend or Follow or ManageFlitter. They are simple to use and give you a lot of good information about who is and who isn’t following you. Here is a short video on Friend or Follow.

So, it is time to get some control back on your Twitter account! Clean it up and get better content in your feed. I know I need to 🙂

I was reminded of of this need to clean up my account from this great BuzzFeed post – 21 Social Media Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner. There is some other great stuff in there too.

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