Creating content for your audience and customers for you to share on social networks

We had so much fun at last month’s Social Media Brunch. Thank you to all who attended and helped make it a success! We are excited […]

Very Special SMBME – Best Of and Thank You

We are very excited to announce our very special March Social Media Breakfast. March 26th from 8:30am – Noon we are having a Best Of/Thank You […]

SMBME 7 Recap – Head off problems with a social media policy

Carl Natale needed a full weekend to process all the information we threw at him at last weeks breakfast. Sarah Wallace and Brad Lawwill did a […]

Creating Social Media Policies

SMBME 7 – Creating Social Media Policies Social Media is becoming less and less its own world and more so being integrated into marketing strategies. Unlike […]

SMBME 6 Review: Tourists tell stories about your business

The travel/tourism/recreation industry is one of the best fits for social media. Why? Because social media is just a new extension of word of mouth marketing. […]

Using Social Media in the Maine Travel, Tourism and Recreation Industry

Social Media is a great way to reach new people online and converse with them like never possible before. For some industries Social Media has shown […]

Being personal, professional or both on social networks

December 18th ‘Tis the season for giving thanks and I have to start with thanking everyone who has helped make our breakfasts a success: MPX has […]

Setting Goals and Measuring Social Media Results – November 20th

We all know now that participating in Social Media can open up new opportunities for you and your business but how do you know if what […]

Social Media For Nonprofits – October 16th

After some really great feedback, we decided the topic for our next Social Media Breakfast Maine will be Social Media for Nonprofits. The breakfast will be […]

SMB Maine #2 Recap

Engaging speakers, free goodies and delicious bagels. This is how EVERY morning should start! SMB Maine had its second installment this Friday (9/18) at MPX in […]

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