SMBME 24 – I Have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Now What?

This past Social Media Breakfast was such a comfortable one. I think it is because we had three of my favorite people as this month’s speakers. What our objective was for this breakfast was to go beyond just signing up for social networks but really trying to connect with our current and potential customers online. We were so fortunate a few months ago to have CC Chapman come up and talk to us about creating interesting content. We wanted to explore content creation a little more and see how you can really resonate with your audience.

Our first speaker of the day was Bob Collins who is the organizer of Social Media Breakfast Boston. Bob talked to us at length about paying less attention to all these new media tools and focus more on connecting with people on a new level. With tools like Facebook and Twitter we have an opportunity to connect with all kinds of people but it should be less about the numbers and impressions and more about a genuine sense of caring.

Our second speaker was April Cohen-Tracy from the Cohen Tracy Team. April was intimidated to share the stage with two seasoned speakers but she rocked it! April walked us through many of the things their real estate team had some on social networks. One of the reasons I asked Arpil to speak was that she brings such an energy and personality to real estate. Not only are they running Facebook contests and doing all kinds of promotions but they are really engaging their community. April said it is very important to not be ‘selling’ all the time but to be really connecting with her online and offline community.

Our final speaker was Chrystie Corns from I Love to Gossip. She talked to us about using one of our best assets to really connect with our audiences – our personality. Chrystie says you need to determine your voice and use it to resonate with your customers. She also talked to us about smart ways to use coupons, how a Facebook contest works and how to get more fans and followers of your sites. Her slides are embedded below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s breakfast!

Check out these cool sketch notes from this morning’s breakfast.

Speaker Bob Collins visits Portland Head Light Bob Collins and Adam O'Brien at Portland Head Light

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