SMBME #34 – Social Media Regulations and Policies

Social media is definitely changing the way we communicate, the way we get our news, how we market our businesses and more. The opportunities are there. The technology is constantly evolving. What as businesses should we set up to protect ourselves, our image and our employees? We have heard the horror stories of social media campaigns gone wrong or online attacks on a businesses integrity – how can we ensure this doesn’t happen to us?

This month we talked about social media rules, policies and regulations. Good and bad examples were shared along with tips for how to protect yourself online.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, we’ve gathered some of your favorite highlights from this great breakfast:

This breakfast would not have been possible without our wonderful sponsors. Many thanks go to Hall Internet Marketing, MainelySEO, The Cohen Tracy Team, GWI, Others! Coffee and The Internet Educator.

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January 18th 2019


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