SMBME 30 – Social Media and Events

Few things are paired together as well as social media and events. Whether you host regular events, online events, annual events, or just consider someone walking through your door an event – social media can help you.

This month talked specifically about how to use social media to help you in all aspects of your event. We gathered up a few people who know a thing or two about events or various shapes and sizes. We got some really great information and stories and had a good laugh or two while we were at it.

How to Create Killer Events (or at Least Get Someone to Show Up) – Stefa Normantas

Event management expert, Stefa Normantas of Green Tree Event Consultants, shared best practices for creating a killer event using social media tools. She talked to us about the elements of a killer event, how to build a plan, manage the pieces, tools you can use and how to avoid event disaster.

Her presentation is below:

Stefa also played for us this great video:

How to Plan a Social Media Breakfast Maine – Amanda O’Brien

Amanda talked about some things she learned a long the way while planning and organizing Social Media Breakfast Maine. How an event that started with twenty people a month grew to 125 a month and some fundamentals on keeping your event on track with your goals.

How Soliciting Audience Participation is Imperative for Directing Enthusiastic Attention to an Event – Tanja Hollander

In a media landscape that been overwhelmed by constant digital chatter and distraction, Hollander has taken her project, which illustrates the role of social media in contemporary interpersonal relationships, directly to its audience and participants. In doing so, she has built into the final product room for artist-to-audience participation with her audience. The result has been the creation of an engaged and enthusiastic support base that transcends the power that derives from the superficiality of Facebook likes while simultaneously cultivating these connections for when such support is helpful and important.

Her presentation is below:

Huge thanks to January’s sponsors:


Stefa Normantas

Stefa NormantasStefa Normantas is a seasoned event manager and co-owner of the New England Products Trade Show and Green Tree Event Consultants/Giraffe Events, Maine-based event services companies. Whether directing a trade show or managing a conference for hundreds, Stefa enjoys creating killer events. She is the founding president of the Maine Marketing Association and former president of the Ad Club of Maine.  She’s a novice beekeeper, creative gardener, loves good beer, good dinners and likes to find any excuse to bring the outdoors in. She married a Texan, Frank, and has four children, Harry, Lucy, Liam, and Mikas. You can find her @stefanormantas or visit the New England Products Trade Show @neproducts.

Amanda O’Brien

Amanda O’Brien is some lady who decided on a whim to start a monthly local social media educational event, Social Media Breakfast Maine. She also works as the VP of Marketing at Hall Internet Marketing. She is on the board for SARSSM and event planning committee of the Chocolate Lovers’ Fling. She can be found writing about lots of things onHall’s blogSocial Media Breakfast Maine’s BlogSocial Media B2B’s blogPROXI’s blog,Guiding Stars blog and her own little personal blog. You can find her on Twitter at @amanda_pants.

Tanja Hollander

Tanja HollanderTanja Hollander was born in St. Louis, MO in 1972 and returned to the state after receiving a B.A. in photography, film, and feminist studies in 1994 from Hampshire College. Her work has been exhibited nationally at galleries in New York City and Boston and has twice been selected for the Portland Museum of Art Biennial, winning a purchase prize in 2007. She has also exhibited at the Bernard Toale Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts; Whitney Art Works in Portland, Maine; and Jim Kempner Fine Art in NYC. In 1994 Hollander opened and directed Dead Space Gallery, Portland’s first art venue for local art, music, spoken word, and performance. Hollander founded and became the volunteer director of the Bakery Photographic Collective in 2001, a nonprofit member-based darkroom facility in Westbrook, Maine. In 2009, she was nominated and chosen for a month long residency at the La Napoule art foundation in La Napoule, France. Hollander is represented by Carroll and Sons in Boston, Massachusetts and Jim Kempner in New York City. She is a resident of Auburn, Maine.

You can read more about the exhibit on the blog.

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