SMBME #3 – Social Media for Nonprofits

The Social Media for Nonprofits group was amazing. The presentations were very factual with lots of take home information and the attendees struck up a great conversation during the Q&A section. Below is a quick recap of the three presentations.

Alex Steed

Alex is a communication consultant for nonprofit organizations and advocacy group and specializes in community management and constituency activation. You can read more about him on his website

Alex, in his amazing storytelling style, compared social media listening to eaves dropping on a conversation at the Food Court in the mall (but less creepy of course). People are having millions of conversations online and with listening tools you can be a part of those conversations. Alex recommended everyone check out Google Analytics, Google Grants and Twitter Search (advanced).

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Kaitlin LaCasse

Kaitlin is Idealware’s Communications and Social Media Specialist. She oversees Idealware’s research on social media methods and strategies for nonprofits, as well as Idealware’s own communications and social media tactics. Kaitlin’s presentation was so factual I could never do it justice trying to recap it so the entire presentation is embedded below.

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Brian Clark

Brian is the program manager of STRONG Fathers, a program of York County Community Action Corp. that helps men be strong, skillful, active dads. Brian was our case study of a local nonprofit who is using social media to try to reach more people with information about his organization. Brian showed us the tools he is using like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube and more to start relationships online with fathers that could use his organization and to generally get out his overall message.

Brian is a great example of using listening online to find the communities that matter to his target demographic. Brian participates not only in the online communities that he enjoys but also the communities that the fathers he is trying to reach are participating in.

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