SMBME 20 – Integrating Social Media

We have talked a lot about things in and around the social media space but how does it mix it with what you already have? We are all busy, have lots of work and obligations. Many of us already have marketing channels we have used for a long time. At the breakfast we tackled how you can integrate social media not only with your current marketing efforts but how you can integrate it into your day.

First up we had Nathan O’Leary from Legacy Publishing who gave us so many fantastic tools and tips for automating your social media process, getting your content out to more channels and measuring the results. His presentation is below and you want to bookmark it so you can go through all of the FREE resources he provided.

Next up we had Mark Gillard from Sullivan Tire. He was fantastic. He opened up by showing us this VW commercial he found the night before while he was staying at The Eastland. He is pretty sure the hotel is haunted and didn’t get too much sleep but he did find us this really cool video. The video is a great, cutting edge example of integrating new media and traditional media.

From there Mark talked to us about how Sullivan tire has used social media to enhance their traditional marketing efforts. He showed us video his street team took at live events and added it to their website. We also looked at some new features of their website and got to preview their new Red Sox campaign that is tied into Facebook. Keep an eye out for that! After his presentation, Mark tackled some tough questions from our smart social media breakfast crew and he nailed each one. It was nice to have such a knowledgeable and experienced marketer head North to speak with us.

Lastly, we had Ellen Kanner who has been in the consulting space for years and is now switching gears and opening a Tea Room. The team room was opening 2 weeks from the breakfast but Ellen had set up a NetVibes dashboard to help her do some pre-marketing for her Dobra Tea Room. In one place she was tracking terms, composing tweets, checking updates and could easily share and assign content to her team.

For a full look at the breakfast, please check out the video archives at the top of this page. This breakfast was streamed and recorded thanks to Filmosity.

SMBME 20 was sponsored by: Constant Contact, The Cohen Tracy Team. The Internet Educator and Maine Video Systems.

SMBME 20 Speakers

Ellen Kanner

Ellen Kanner is the owner of, consulting primarily in web development for universities and colleges internationally with a focus on information architecture and user experience design. She has over 20 years in the communications industry, and has done everything from write and shoot television commercials to design and develop complex websites. She co-owns Dobrá Tea with her husband, a tearoom opening March 31 at 151 Middle St (above Bull Moose Music).

Mark Gillard

Marketing/Advertising at Sullivan Tire Company

Nathan O’Leary

Nathan O’Leary has been the SEO Professional at Legacy Publishing Company for the past 3 years. He manages Legacy’s in-house affiliate program, social media campaigns and SEO for various online properties.

About Legacy:

Legacy Publishing Company produces and publishes personal development products and services for families. Headquartered in Westbrook, Maine, Legacy is best known for creating The Total Transformation Program, a cognitive-behavioral therapy program for parents of defiant children and teens, which has sold more than 200,000 copies. Legacy also manages, one of the top parents websites and newsletters for dealing with difficult child behavior.

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