Ask for 20% More

A lot of us are trying to find our way in the freelance world, gig economy, or are pricing projects inside a company or agency. There is fear about pricing from just about everyone (probably totally everyone but it feels bold to say that).

I heard two things this week that I thought could help you crack the code to getting paid more for the work that you are offering.

  1. Stop thinking your work isn’t valuable. The work you do serves a purpose, it is worth money, and it is ok to make money by doing it. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and remind yourself – your work is valuable, it serves a purpose, and it is ok to make money doing it. If you need a little energy boost, this podcast with Marie Forleo and Abby Wambach was a nice positive boost this week
  2. Ask for 20% more. I listened to another podcast this week with Kristin Wong and she said whatever an employer or company offers you, they can afford 20% more. I don’t have a source and I didn’t fact check it but I have worked with enough organizations to feel like that is pretty accurate. So what would happen if you just started asking for 20% more? Seems like a good number to settle on and to try out. See how it goes and let me know!

It is time we all ask for what we are worth without compromising. Being shortchanged (literally) isn’t worth the loss to you, the resentment, and could eat up universe bandwidth for something else better to come along.

Recently I was offered some retainer/regular work. I was asked my rate. I told them. They said that was more than they typically pay. I walked away. Let’s just say the universe has shown me it had better projects and retainer work in mind for me and that I should be glad I am not tied to that company and their lower rate.

If you want to get more information, you can check with glassdoor or payscale or… ask someone in our #SMBME community. Let me know if you need any help!

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