10 Social Media Things to do on a Snow Day

Exchange Street Portland Maine on a Snowy DayIt is winter in Maine and today is one of those days when much of the state is taking a break while mother nature puts the hammer down. Portland is supposed to get anywhere from 8-12 inches of snow. Schools are canceled, many offices are closed and many more are having work-from-home days.

Snow days are great and remind us of being a kid. Waiting to see your school come up on the list of cancellations, getting your sledding gear ready and wasting the day away. Today, instead of watching Rachel Ray or The Price is Right, I made a list of other things we can do with this slow snowy day.

On your snow day, or slow day with a lot of snow you could:

  1. Create and play with QR codes and how you could use them for your business.
  2. Either find out how to set up a RSS reader, clean up your RSS reader or catch up with your RSS reader.
  3. Change your passwords. It is a new year. When is the last time you changed your passwords?
  4. Review your Facebook privacy settings. Do you know who can view your profile or who can tag you in photos?
  5. Update your avatars or profile pictures to be close ups of your face so when people meet you in person, they recognize you.
  6. Create a square version of your logo and profile picture. Have you noticed how many sites use square images? Your logo could be getting cropped or distorted.
  7. Either write a post for your blog or finally get your blog started.
  8. Clean up your Twitter followers with Manage Flitter.
  9. Recommend someone on LinkedIn. You can recommend a current co-worker who makes your life easier, a speaker you recently saw, your favorite boss or someone you have learned a lot from on social media sites.
  10. Purchase your ticket to the upcoming breakfast before it sells out!

I hope this post has caught you before it is too late! Let’s salvage this day and do some of the things we always say we have no time to do. Happy snow day! Everyone stay safe and warm.

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