Top 3 Things to Consider When Making Your Facebook Fan Page Landing Tab

Lots of people are on board with why you need a Facebook Fan Page Landing Tab. If you are not aware, they can act as a welcome mat to anyone first getting to your Facebook fan page. If you want to know more you can read any of these articles about it.

What I wanted to talk about is what content to add to that landing page to make it effective and make users convert. I found this video online of James and Joey Bridges talking about just that and I love their three biggest points:

By having your default tab on your Facebook page going to your wall, you are possibly missing out on an opportunity by being unclear and confusing to a new guest of your fan page.

James and Joey suggest (and I have to agree):

  • Urge the user to ‘like’ your fan page – this can be done with a bright arrow or some text making it very clear to users where that ‘like’ button is and what they will in-turn get by ‘liking’ your page.
  • Clearly identify yourself – right away let new users know who you are, what your expertise is and what pain points you can alleviate for them. Don’t make them guess your industry or location. Make it clear, right away.
  • Show your personality – no matter the industry, one reason we choose to work with the people we do is because we like them (or want to). Let people know if you are funny, nerdy, blunt, smart etc. Add photos, blog posts, whatever it takes to let people know more about you at a glance.

I thought these are great points! I have some work to do… how about you? Are you happy with your Facebook fan page? Are you seeing results from it?

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