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Example QR code going to SMBME blog postQR codes were brought up at our last breakfast by one of our favorite SMBME attendees (@obobME). If you are not aware QR codes are little boxes that you can scan with your smartphone to get more information on something, download a link etc.

People have been using QR codes to place in their physical locations or stores, for secret coupon codes, real estate listings to go right to a website for more information on a property, as tattoos… you name it… people have created a QR code for it. It is a great way to really link a physical place with your internet space.

The popular link shortening service now gives you a QR code for each link you shrink with their service. Pretty cool huh?

If you want to read a little more about it The Next Web has a post explaining it a little more. Perhaps the best thing you can do is try it out for yourself at

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