Clean Up Your Twitter Followers with Manage Flitter

So you signed up for Twitter, you weren’t sure what you were going to do with it and now (thanks to the tips you got at SMBME) you have a vision and a content strategy. Maybe, your Twitter followers don’t reflect that strategy, or you are following just too many people or you just want to tidy things up a bit?

Things happen. People leave Twitter, go dormant, change usernames, don’t follow you back etc.

Thanks to Christopher Penn for sharing this cool Twitter tool to clean up your Twitter followers, Manage Flitter!

Using Manage Flitter you can:

  • Clean up and manage who you follow.
  • Find out who isn’t following you back.
  • Find out which inactive accounts you follow.
  • Search effectively in your Twitter stream.
  • Find followers who do not have a profile picture.
  • See who are your followers are quite and who is talkative (maybe too talkative).

Hope some of you find this tool useful! I heard about it from Christopher Penn’s email newsletter. He usually has a few cool tips and tricks in there if any of you want to sign up for that!

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