Social Media is Like Golf

Photo credit: Evil Erin

At out last Social Media Breakfast, Using Social Media for Marketing and PR, Ross Lasley, one of our speakers, shared this golf analogy with us. A lot of people are concerned that social media can’t be used for business. Social media is fun and for some reason work cannot be fun. If you are participating in an activity for your job AND you are having a bit of fun, something is very wrong.

Social Media is all essence fun. You connect with your friends, family, coworkers or other people you have met on this wild journey you call life. You CAN use it for business too and there is nothing wrong with that!

Ross told us to think about all the people who claim they gets lots of work done when they play golf. Sure, they are making deals, forming stronger relationships and shaking hands but they are also having fun too. Isn’t that like what we do on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? but we do these things virtually?

So maybe social media is like golf!

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