Finding the right people for the right jobs and the right jobs for the right people

Social media has changed how a lot of us work, what we demand for information and the way we find businesses and people we want to do business with. Whether you are participating or not, people are researching you, your business, your work history and your network before they talk to you. How does this change how we recruit the best candidates for positions or how we look for our next job opportunities?

This month we get to pick the brains of Barbara Hart of Hire Well and Shawn McGowan from on what changes they have seen with the recruiting and job searching processes from social media. If you aren’t looking for a job right now or looking to fill a position right now this is still an important breakfast for you. Down the road you will be faced with these decisions so you should try to understand this changing process now.

Need some more food for thought? Have you thought about what people researching you or your company think about what they find? What does your digital image say about you? Are you or your company sending the right message?

I really like this video of business expert and author Tim Sanders and I have shown it at multiple presentations. Is your company Facebook status worthy?

We really hope you can make it to this month’s breakfast. Sign up here. It is going to be a good one!

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