Stepping Out of Your Creative Zone

There is a lot to be said for being creative and surrounding yourself with creative people. The week before each Social Media Breakfast we meet with the speakers and go over logistics and their presentations.

This is a great opportunity for the speakers to get more comfortable and possibly get to know each other better as well. This week I met with Jaica, Chris and Dave to discuss our upcoming breakfast. This particular breakfast is about creating different kinds of content for your audience in customers so these are three pretty creative folks.

When I met with them a few things stood out to me:

  • This was the first breakfast where all three speakers knew each other very well
  • All three of them were Mac users
  • I possibly took away more from the meeting than they did

I consider myself pretty creative. In my “real job”, I am fortunate enough to share a space with other creative (and smart, I must say) people. But in a 45 minute meeting with our next three speakers, my brain opened some different channels.

Because of Chris, I found a better way to do a presentation I am in doing in Colorado next month. Jaica gave me a really cool website for connecting with other “foodies” and got the gears turning on some video ideas I want to do with a client. Dave got me thinking about not depending on words and text so much and trying some new things with images and illustrations.

All this from a short meeting to discuss logistics. Just got me to thinking, there is a lot to be said for stepping outside your workspace, your brain, your co-workers, your network and see how other people do things. This has a lot to with with the tone and goals of these breakfasts. I think we can learn so much from our friends, neighbors and other businesses about how they are using social media.

I hope all of you enjoy the breakfast tomorrow and you are prepared to think about new ways of connecting with your audience and customers!

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