Being personal, professional or both on social networks

December 18th

Social Media Breakfast

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and I have to start with thanking everyone who has helped make our breakfasts a success: MPX has been so generous to let us use their space, our raffle donations have been great and of course our presenters and attendees. This month’s topic was brought up at a breakfast and also through the contact form on our site. We think we have a good topic for this month.

Personal or Professional on social networks

Social Media has done some great things for local businesses. Some people are themselves and reap benefits by becoming online friends and sharing news about their company. Other are their company logo online and have got lots of chatter going about their company. Some other people have found a way to do both. What is the right thing to do? How do you decide what is best to get your message out?

We are going to try to demystify how to create your social media content personally, professionally and try a few things in between. Emily Brackett, president of Visible Logic, is going to talk to use about making the decision on whether to be your brand or yourself. She will give us some real life examples from different industries so that you can make the right decision. Then we have two local professionals to talk to us about how and why they chose to promote their ‘personal brand’ or their company. Chrystie Corns, President & Chief Strategist for Thirteen Thirty Marketing, will talk about her decision to be a strong personal brand and Chris Brown, VP of Bull Moose will share with us promoting a company brand on social networking sites and the benefits his company has seen from his efforts.

Register today and we look forward to seeing you all at another great breakfast!

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