SMBME #38 – Video and Podcasting

This month’s breakfast covered quite a bit of technical ground when it comes to producing podcasts and video. Our speakers talked about everything from planning and concepts to the technical specifics including software, hosting and equipment. With all of the tools constantly popping up out of the blue, it’s helpful to hear firsthand what has worked for others.

Lanna Lee Maheux of Lounging with Lanna Lee kicked things off with her podcasting presentation (below) and Chris Cavallari from Filmosity Productions and Alex Steed from The Knack Factory finished things off with two presentations about using video to tell your story and entertain.

Guerrilla Podcasting Soup to Nuts Using WordPress and Awesome from lannalee

Many thanks to this month’s sponsors:

Mainely SEO, Hall Internet Marketing, The Cohen-Tracy Team, GWI, Others! Fair Trade Coffee and The Internet Educator.

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